chapter  4
Rising Hopes, Expanding Vision, 1942–43
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JNF income continued to rise during 1942-43. Fiscal year 1943 was the most significant year, characterized by an upward trend in all branches of income, but especially from contributions (68 percent increase over 1942), from leasehold fees, from the JLPS, and from loans arranged largely in the United States. Leasehold fees were a very small part of overall income (1.2 percent of the total for 1943), but the steady increase from this source portended the growing viability of JNF-sponsored settlements. Income from the JLPS for 1942 represented 14 percent of the total income for that year. Loans continued to form a vital part of JNF income (26 percent and 39.9 percent of total income for 1942-43 respectively). Improvement of the JNF’s overall financial situation by 1943 allowed it to lower the interest rate on its loans (from 6 to 5 percent) and to convert from short-term to long-term loans.