chapter  V
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Of how the Armada arrived at the Cape of Iasques &c:

W a f t e d by favouring winds, the Armada reached Cape lasques [Jask] within a few days, and caft anchor in ao fathoms off the point of the Cape, oppo­ site a Pagoda. The Captain-Major immediately dis­ patched a terranquim (light craft with 10 oars on each side) to Cinde [Sindh] with letters to the Captain thereof, in which he gave him an Account of how he was there awaiting the English, and inftrufting him to warn all merchant ships that might be in that port on their way to Ormuz to sail straight to Mazcate inftead, because there was a risk of the English coming to espy the roadstead of Cinde on their way along the coaft to Cape lasques, and that in Mazcate they would find orders what further to do.