chapter  VII
Concerning the deliberation of the English &c:
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O u r Armada was anchored in view of the Enemy, who, considering how impossible it was to take the silk as we occupied the port, set fire to the prize from Muscat they had with them and launched it on the armada, from which danger the Capitania miraculously escaped.1 In the dead of night the Captain-Major embarked himself in a terranquim, and went round the Armada to ascertain its condition after the battle and to help in what was needful. He found that there were 25 killed and 49 wounded, amongst the slain being the Almirante Ioao Borralho and the Captain Pero de Mesquita, whose loss was much felt, because Pero de Mesquita was a great soldier and the almirante one of the braveft and mo& zealous Captains of his Majesty’s Service in all the State of India, and thus the Captain-Major ordered that his body should be placed in a hogshead of salt and taken to Ormuz, where he could be buried with the honour he deserved; in his place he appointed Fernao Rebello, a veteran Captain in India and a very valiant soldier, and he approved of the eleftion which had been made in the urea of Manoel Ribeiro as its captain; having given orders for the repair and preparation of the Armada so that it could finish off the Enemy on the following day, he returned to his ship.