chapter  XVIII
Departure of Balthezar de Chaves &c:
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T he Captain-Major continuing to prosecute the war with undaunted spirit, he sent Balthezar de Chaves to the port of Co&aque1 with 300 Portuguese and 400 Lascarin Archers under the command of Mamude Xk, Captain of the King of Ormuz, in 5 galliots and 12 terranquis. They disembarked in the port, cut down the palm-trees, burnt the City and razed the fortress in which were Rationed 1,000 Persians, who, after killing some of their own men who took to flight perished fighting valiantly; Balthezar de Chaves per­ formed incredible exploits, as likewise did the Captains Dom Gonfalo da Sylveyra,2 Ioao de Andrade da Gama, Francisco Galvao, Manoel de AfFonseca, Antonio Mourao, the Pilot Furtado and the others, all of whom performed deeds worthy of meritorious emulation, and so they retired enriched with booty, although with five Portuguese and nine Lascarins less; and setting sail they arrived at the fort of Queixome bringing the enemies’ flags trailing in the sea to the great terror of the Persians.