chapter  XX
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How the Captain-Major sent Balthezar de Chaves against the port of lasques &c:

The Persians in the suburbs bravely defended themselves againft Antonio Palha, but on seeing the fortress ftormed they sought safety in flight, leaving our men mafters of the Fort and environs, wherein they spent two days in loading the spoil which filled 20 galliots, and in cutting down many orchards within a diftance of \ a league from the town; they burnt the houses and razed the fortress, and when the men had all embarked without anyone being missing, Miguel Botelho returned to anchor in his former ftation, from whence he wrote to the Captain-Major of the result of the viftory, and sent him the 20 galliots laden with spoil, which the Captain-Major despatched to Ormuz, to be handed over to the Veador da Fazenda, advising him that it was time to pay the troops; and this they immediately did in Ormuz to those of the galliots, and sent them back with provisions for the others, and money to pay the men or the Fortress.