chapter  XXIII
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How Simão de Mello arrived from India with the Succour-Fleet & Domingos Pirez with news of the English Fleet &c:

Simao de Mello got into the terranquim in which these two Captains came and went ashore with them, where the Captain-Major was awaiting his disembarka­ tion with all the Captains and healthy soldiers that there were in the fortress; thus accompanying him, he condufted him to his quarters, where Simao de Mello after giving a full account of all the News of the Kingdom and of India, handed him a packet of letters from the Governor Fernao de Albuquerque, in which he answered those that the Captain-Major had written to him in Oftober, congratulating him on his numerous viftories, and on the valour with which he was resisting so obftinate a siege; he likewise informed him how he had sent 500 veteran Portuguese soldiers in that fleet, as well as two ships laden with rice, meat, and butter, and 600 barrels of powder and shot, adding that he was preparing another Armada under Conftantino de Saa,1 and that when the treasure of his Majefty was exhaufted, he would be ready to expend his own in the expenses of that war, and in what else might be necessary for his Service.