chapter  XXIV
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How Andre Coutinho arrived with news of the English ships &c:

T h e grief felt at the death of Dom Francisco was sharpened by the loss that the fortress of Ormuz suffered through the removal of his prudence and valour, for although there were Still many fidalgos who were serving his MajeSly in that Strait, they were only youths, and thus both in them and in others there was lacking the age and experience necessary for dealing with and disposing of the critical events that occur in war. In Queixome the continuous assaults and batteries ceased neither by day nor night. The English ships had been sighted, albeit without their being seen very clearly, and the Almirante Francisco de Britto had made the signal which the Captain-Major had appointed, although so badly that everyone in the Fortress of Queixome thought it was a salute, and not a warning of which they were to take heed, so that everything was preparing the way for the misfortune which followed.