chapter  XXV
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How the English disembarked the artillery and fortified themselves ashore &c:

The English seeing this, and in view of the faft that they were comitted againft that fortress by the contradl they had with the Persians and the money they received from them, disembarked one night 18 guns of 24 to 40 lbs: calibre, making one plat­ form on the side of the quarries, and another further inland, and a third near the little palm-grove. At dawn next day they opened a heavy bombardment from all sides,2 not excluding the ships, four of which they reinforced with the heaviest artillery that they had in the others, and which also made a heavy bom­ bardment from the sea; they spent the whole day in battering the fortress, and since it was of little Strength (as we have already Slated), they succeeded in razing

1 This is nonsense. From the moment that the English appeared the majority of the men were in favour of surrender, and it was only the firmness of Ruy Freire that enabled even a show of resistance to be kept up for a few days.