chapter  XXX
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Of how the loss of the fortress of Queixome was learnt in Ormuz. &c:

How the news of the loss of the Fortress of Queixome was learnt in Ormuz, and of the preparations that were made there.

T H E English Fadtor who was Rationed at Cape lasques had made an alliance between them and the Persians, whereby they were to aid

the latter to drive the Portuguese out of that Strait, in return for which the Persians would give them 600,000 rupees (which amount to 300,000 patacas), half forthwith, and the other half in one year’s time, laid out in silks; furthermore, the English were to hand over the fortress of Queixome and employ all their forces againft that of Ormuz; if it was taken, the booty would be equally divided, half and half, between the English and the Persians; and the galleons together with all the other ships that might be on the sea, with all the artillery that was in them, would belong to the English, whilft the King and the Guazil together with the other Mohamedan nobles, would be sent by the Persians as a present to the Great Soldan of Persia. If Ormuz was not taken, and if the City was sacked, each party would be allowed to keep what they took therein; and for as long as the English should wish to trade along the Persian coaft, all the ports and cuftoms-houses would be free to them, with­ out their having to pay any taxes whatsoever.