chapter  11
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The construction of the educational project: An interview with Carlina Rinaldi by Lella Gandini and Judith Kaminsky (2000)

I remember well the moment when Lella Gandini and Judith Kaminsky asked me to give this interview. To be more precise, they asked me to organise into the form of an interview the contents which inspired many of the talks I had given to study groups visiting the municipal schools of Reggio. ‘Study group’ is a term we use to define groups of people (teachers, researchers, politicians, administrators) who ask to visit our schools and become familiar with our experience. They come from all parts of the world (New Zealand, China, Australia, North and South America, Europe). For the most part they live in contexts which are sensitive and attentive to problems in education; but sometimes the contrary is true and coming to Reggio opens up their hearts to what is possible.