chapter  4
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Of our further sailing to St John de Ulhua, alias Vera Cruz ; and our landing there

S U R V E Y O F W E S T I N D I E S torment and misery, others laughed and jeered at those zealous friars who would have stayed in that island to convert the barbarians, saying they had had their full desire of martyrdom, for had they been but that night with the Indians doubtless they had been shred for their suppers. But now we perceived their zeal was cool, and they desired no more to ftay with such a barbarous kind or people, but rather wished the Admiral would shoot off the warning piece for us all to take up our anchors, and depart from so danger­ ous a place. In the morning all the ships made hafte to take in such fresh water as was necessary for their voyage yet to America, a ftrong watch being kept along the coaft, and a guard guarding our men to the river; and all the morning while this was doing not one Indian could be found or seen, nor our three men that were missing, appeared. Thus at noon with a pleasant and prosperous gale we hoifted up our sails, leaving the islands and harbour of Guadeloupe.