chapter  6
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Of our journey from St John de Ulhua to Mexico ; and of the moll remarkable towns and villages in the way

And thus we took our leaves, giving unto the chief of them some beads, some medals, some crosses of brass, some Agnus Dei, some reliques brought from Spain, and to every one of the town an indulgence of forty years (which the Pope had granted unto us, to bellow where and upon whom, and as often as we would), wherewith we began to blind that simple people with ignorant, erroneous, and Popish principles. As we went out of the arbour to take our mules, behold the market-place was full of Indian men and women, who as they saw us ready to depart, kneeled upon the ground as adoring us for a blessing, which as we rid along we bellowed upon them with lifted up hands on high, making over them the sign of the cross. And this submission of the poor Indians unto the priests in those parts, this vainglory in admitting such ceremonious entertainment and public worship from them, did so puff up some of our young friars hearts that already they thought themselves better than the be& bishops in Spain, who though proud enough, yet never travel there with such public acclamations as we did. The waits and trumpets sounded again before us, and the chief of the town conduced us a mile forward, and so took their leaves.