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Our surety’s name was Andreas Taborer, to whom we paid 2,150 ducats and still he demanded more; whereupon we made suit to the Viceroy and Justice to have our money again, considering that they had had it in their hands near five months and could prove nothing against us. The Viceroy made us a very sharp answer, and said we should be better sifted before it were long, and that they had further matter against us. Whereupon we presently determined rather to seek our liberties than to be in danger for ever to be slaves in the country, for it was told us we should have the strappado1. Whereupon presently, the fifth day of April, 1585, in the morning, we ran from thence, and being set over the river2 we went two days on foot, not without fear; not knowing the way nor having any guide; for we durst trust none.