Here is set a Letter written by the Queen’s Majesty to Zelabdim Echebar, King of Cambaia, and sent by John Newbery. In February, Anno 1583
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The great affection4 which our Subjects have to visit the most distant places of the world (not without good will and intention to introduce the trade of merchandise of all nations whatsoever they can; by which means the mutual and friendly traffic of merchandise on both sides may come), is the cause that the bearer of this letter, John Newbery, jointly with those that be in his company, with a courteous and honest boldness do repair to the borders and countries of your Empire. We doubt not but that your Imperial Majesty, through your royal grace, will favourably and friendly accept him. And that you would do it the rather for our sake, to make us greatly beholding1 to your Majesty, we should more earnestly and with more words require it if we did think it needful. But by the singular report that is of your Imperial Majesty’s humanity in these uttermost parts of the world we are greatly eased of that burden, and therefore we use the fewer and less words. Only we request that because they are our subjects they may be honestly entreated and received, and that in respect of the hard journey which they have undertaken to places so far distant it would please your Majesty with some liberty and security of voyage to gratify it2, with such privileges as to you shall seem good. Which courtesy if your Imperial Majesty shall to our subjects at our requests perform, We, according to our Royal Honour, will recompense the same with as many deserts as we can.