chapter  7
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Race, Labor, and the State: The Quasi-Citizenship of Migrant Filipina Domestic Workers

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Women are relocating across nation-states and entering the global labor market in full force. They are responding to high demands for low-wage domestic workers in richer nations. As a result of this demand, a south-to-north flow of domestic workers has caused women from Mexico and Central America to move into the households of working families in the United States (HondagneuSotelo, 2001), Indonesian women to richer nations in Asia and the Middle East (Chin, 1998), Sri Lankan women to Greece and the Middle East (Gamburd, 2000), Polish women to Western Europe, and Caribbean women to the U.S. and Canada (Colen, 1995). On a much wider scale, women from the Philippines likewise respond to the demand for migrant domestic workers. Providing services in more than 187 countries and destinations, Filipino women are the domestic workers par excellence of globalization (Parreñas, 2001).