chapter  6
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Remaking the self

So far, I have described how the development of tissue-and cell-based therapies, or tissue-engineered products, mobilizes bodily tissues in diverse ways. Once procured, tissues and cells can be more or less manipulated (for example, expanded in number or seeded on to a synthetic scaffold) and transplanted into the bodies of patients. In the future, diverse diseases or functional problems may be treated. The therapeutic aims of these therapies are wide ranging, and the types of product and approach are diverse and complex. In this chapter, I focus on the issue of what views of bodies emerge in regenerative medicine. I also want to explore how these technologies reconfigure and remake the links between bodies, identity, self and others. And I will consider how feminist bioethics might help us to think through the ethical issues at stake. I also draw on focus-group data to explore the relationship between women and fetal-tissue donation.