chapter  18
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WithAslı Göksel, Celia Kerslake

Pronouns are expressions that are used when referring to persons, things or states of affairs that have previously been mentioned, whose referents are obvious from the context or whose content is only partially specified. This chapter discusses interrogative pronouns and pronominal quantifiers which interact with negation. The pronoun birbir- is used in contexts where two parties act mutually. Birbir- is obligatorily inflected for person by combining with the plural possessive suffixes and with -(s)i(n) used as a 3rd person plural suffix. When the antecedent of a reciprocal pronoun is the subject of that clause, it does not necessarily have to be expressed by an overt noun phrase. The only context in which a reciprocal pronoun can function as the subject of a clause is a noun clause or a relative clause.