chapter  19
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WithAslı Göksel, Celia Kerslake

Questions in Turkish are formed either by the insertion of the question particle mI, which forms yes/no questions and alternative questions. This chapter describes the various positions that mI can occur in, and the effect this has on the content of the question. Echo questions, questions which simultaneously contain mI and a wh-phrase focuses on how phrases in subordinate clauses may be questioned, and describes modal adverbs that are used in questions. The particle mI is an unstressable clitic which forms yes/no questions and alternative questions. Yes/no questions are formed by inserting mI after a sentence or a phrase, or in some cases, within a phrase. There are two types of yes/no question: direct questions and tag questions. A tag question is a question that is annexed to a statement and is used to seek confirmation of that statement. A sentence containing a tag question has two intonational phrases, sometimes separated by a pause before degil.