chapter  27
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Conditional sentences

WithAslı Göksel, Celia Kerslake

From the functional point of view, conditional clauses are a sub-type of adverbial clauses. However, their expression in Turkish differs from that of other adverbial clauses in that the subordinating verb forms they contain are more closely related to finite verb forms than to converbs. Person marking of the predicate of a conditional clause is effected not by the use of possessive suffixes but by one of the sets of person markers used on finite verbs. The predictive type of conditional sentence asserts that if one event takes place another will follow it. Conditional clauses with the aorist are of two types. The first, which is more obviously 'predictive', is called an open conditional. The second type itself embraces two closely related kinds of statement, generic and habitual. Many universal conditional constructions express a concessive relation, particularly the failure to achieve an objective in spite of the efforts expressed in the conditional clause.