chapter  5
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Intonation and sentence stress

WithAslı Göksel, Celia Kerslake

This chapter describes the main intonation contours of Turkish and the position of primary and secondary stress in unmarked sentences. The syllable which is acoustically the most prominent one in an intonational phrase is said to have primary stress, indicated by capital letters below. A syllable which is less acoustically prominent than the one which has primary stress but which still stands out among the others is said to have secondary stress, indicated below by small capital letters. Intonation refers to the rising and falling of the voice in terms of pitch. The continuous flow of speech may be seen as divided into consecutive sections known as intonational phrases. An intonational phrase, which may be as short as a single word, but usually consists of several, is the unit of speech within which a single primary stress and a single intonation contour occur.