chapter  7
19 Pages

Word classes, derivation and derivational suffixes

WithAslı Göksel, Celia Kerslake

This chapter discusses the word classes of Turkish and the means by which new words are formed by using derivational suffixes. It introduces the word classes of Turkish, such as noun, adverb verb and so on. The chapter discusses the ordering of derivational suffixes. A word in Turkish can belong to one of the following classes: nominal, verb, postposition, conjunction or discourse connective, interjection. The roots that derivational suffixes attach to may not always be identifiable words in modern Turkish. Some derivational processes took place a long time ago, and while the derived word is still in use the root may have become obsolete. Nominal-forming suffixes that combine with verbs mostly create words that function primarily as nouns. They may also create adjectives, and in rare instances adverbs. Most suffixes of this type are unproductive. Suffixes that attach to nominals create both verbs and other nominals.