chapter  9
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WithAslı Göksel, Celia Kerslake

Reduplication is the repetition of a word or part of a word. Emphatic reduplication is used for accentuating the quality of an adjective. It occurs mainly with underived adjectives, and occasionally with adverbs. In emphatic reduplication, a prefix is attached to the stem. The occurrence of a particular reduplicative consonant is, to a degree, based on the consonants in a stem. The function of m-reduplication is to generalize the concept denoted by a particular word or phrase to include other similar objects, events or states of affairs. m-reduplication involves the repetition of a word or phrase in a modified form. If this word or phrase begins with a vowel, the modifying consonant 'm' is prefixed to its second occurrence. Doubling is the simple repetition of a word. There are a number of idiomatic expressions that are created by doubling.