chapter  7
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Angela King thinks it was Christine Stevens of the Animal Welfare Institute in the USA who kickstarted the Save the Whale campaign in the UK. Various groups, including Friends of the Earth US, World Wildlife Fund and the Fauna and Flora Preservation Society, had been working in a low-key wayan whale issues for some years before the Save the Whale message became linked in 1970s consciousness to FoE in its British format. What made the connection stick was the inventive way the group handled the campaign - and its wider work on endangered species - as street theatre, pop parable, media war and power game in one. King says,

Angela King was working in New York as a designer in the rag trade, campaigning against the use of animal fur and as part of Trash for Cash in Haarlem. But the first Earth Day shenanigans in Manhattan in 1970 really excited a wider interest. She was doing voluntary work for the

I Environmental Action Coalition, when somebody vlsltmg from England said, did she know FoE were starting up in London?