chapter  VII
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On obtaining information about the conduct of tax-collectors, judges, prefects of police and mayors, and keeping them in check

I Let observation be kept in every city to see who there is in it who shews interest in religious matters, fears God (be He exalted) and is not self-seeking. Let such a person be addressed thus, 'We have now made you responsible for the security of this city and its district. All that God asks of us, we shall require of you. We desire that you make constant enquiries and be always wellinformed in matters small and great concerning the conduct of the tax-collector, the judge, the prefect of police and the censor towards the people. Make us acquainted with the truth whether your findings are kept secret or made public, so that we may give our orders as appropriate.' If persons who are of the right quality refuse to accept this trust, they must be coerced and however reluctantly commanded to do it.