chapter  XXXVIII
On the inadvisability of bastiness in affairs on the part of kings
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The next day I asked the sultan, 'What was the reason for calling that old scholar yesterday and then not calling him?' He said, 'Because of the impudence of 'Abd ar-Rahman Khal.' Then he related this story to me and went on to say that he said to 'Abd ar-Rahman, 'In spite of what you have told me and although you have produced the jar of wine and the brazen idol, I do not intend to do anything about it without being sure of the truth. So give me your hand and swear by my life and head that what you say is true - or false.' 'Abd ar-Rahman said, 'It was false.' The sultan said, 'Wretched fellow, why did you speak falsely against this old scholar, and seek to shed his blood?' He said, 'Because he has a fine house and I am lodging there. If you put him to death, you could give me his house.'