chapter  4
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The dynamics of the interactive field

The affects of the mad parts of the personality have so strong an inductive effect that the individual ego of the analyst often cannot attend to these affects without dissociating and fading in and out of focus. Allowing the process between analyst and analysand to exist in a ‘third area’ is an imaginal act, creating in fact an imaginal vessel, that contains and allows for experiencing fragmenting parts of a personality without distorting their mystery through an analysis of ownership of contents and historical origin. The notion of an objectivity of process does not minimize the mystery of subjectivity. Nor does it minimize the danger of unrelatedness and loss of particularity that can accompany attempts to set out laws or objective patterns of the psyche’s behavior. But I am not assuming an objectivity of process in the sense of scientific approaches to nature, for the objectivity of the collective unconscious cannot be known except as it is experienced by an individual consciousness. Nevertheless, that experience can itself be informed and deepened by an awareness of patterns that the collective unconscious appears to manifest within the context of any subjective intersection with its processes.