chapter  9
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The question of fantasy in infancy

From the standpoint of Jungian psychology, one has to say that infant research basically confirms hypotheses having to do with the archetypal organization of our experiences and behavior. I noted earlier that these results of infant research serve the Jungian therapist in further differentiating his view of archetypal processes involved in the maturation of humans. This contribution is, in my opinion, both most welcome and necessary. Yet there remains something which may be quite controversial: infant researchers were not able to ascertain a world of images during the first year of life, nor any fantasy activity (Lichtenberg, 1983). This would, of course, cast doubt on the Jungian idea of a primordial image, because it would indicate that it is not the image which is primordial in the individual psyche. We will return to this important question more fully in a later chapter.