chapter  8
“Strangers No More, We Sing”: Filk Music, Folk Culture, and the Fan Community
Pages 28

Julia Ecklar’s passionate song, “Born Again Trek” expresses sentiments shared by many within the fan community upon the release of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. The first generation Trek fans had waited for the better part of two decades for a revival of their favorite media universe, through countless repeats of the original series episodes, through a succession of rumors concerning its possible return either as a network series or as feature films, through a promising yet disappointing animated series, uneven professional novels, and a lackluster first movie. What Ecklar’s song captures so vividly, then, is the sense of tremendous relief and jubilation those fans felt when they first saw Star Trek II, a film widely praised by Trekkers and seen upon its release as sparking a revival of interest in the series: “Sixteen years it’s been/But now Trek has been born again/I’m proud to be a born again Trek fan.”