chapter  6
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Toilet facilities

The presence of a clean and well-ventilated toilet block in such circumstances is very welcome. Whether to provide toilet facilities, the capacity and the type of sewage disposal required as well as the design of the building are all important decisions to be made. The decision on whether to provide a toilet depends on several factors. The factors are: location and character of the area; numbers of visitors; duration of the visit; distance travelled to the site; presence of water-based recreation at the area; presence of food outlets at the site; and winter use of a site. Toilet buildings, however well designed, may spoil the atmosphere of remoteness attached to such places. Diagrams showing the maximum!minimum dimensions relevant to toilet facilities for people with disabilities: a basic single cubicle for wheelchair access, a cubicle with more manoeuvrability for wheelchairs, a cubicle for ambulant disabled or elderly people, and height dimensions for wheelchair users.