chapter  3
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AN A S P I R I N G A C T R E S S A R R I V E S in Los Angeles. It issunny and warm. On the drive north from the airport the Hollywood sign overlooks the city from the hills that have Mulholland Dr. snaking along their crest. She has left behind her life in Deep River, Ontario, to pursue a new one with better work, better pay, better lovers and friends, better weather – everything better. This seems reasonable; her aunt made a good life for herself in the movie industry. Moreover, Diane Selwyn is young, attractive, and full of energy and optimism. She is a character in Mulholland Drive, a film by David Lynch, so we already know that events will not unfold according to her plan. Although she initially makes some of the conventionally correct moves, it seems that inexorable forces are positioned to thwart her. Her position progressively deteriorates and things end very badly for her.