chapter  3
Research Evidence for CBT and Medications for Adult ADHD
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An increasing number of evidence-based treatment options are available for adult AttentionDeficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), including psychosocial treatment, particularly cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), academic support and accommodations for college students, workplace accommodations and support, relationship treatments, neurofeedback, computerized cognitive training, and various complementary-alternative treatments. There is wide variability in the amount and quality of research support for these nonmedication treatments, which is an important consideration in treatment selection (see Ramsay, 2010b, for a review). It is important to recognize that medications are a viable option for treating ADHD symptoms and that there is a growing number of evidencesupported options to address the functional impairments and the challenges to well-being that lead individuals to seek help. It is clear that managing the symptoms of ADHD requires a truly bio-psycho-social approach to conceptualization and treatment.