chapter  3
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Consumer markets for economy hotels in China

Economy hotels as a fast-growing economic sector in China have developed to meet the market demand for mass-scale travelling in the transitional Chinese economy. Along with the sector’s development, its markets have seen rapid expansion and, in the last ten years, domestic tourism has shown unprecedented growth. In 2000, China’s domestic tourist trips numbered 744 million, with a total revenue of 317.55 billion RMB; in 2010, domestic tourist trips and total revenue were 2103 million and 1257.98 billion RMB, 2.83 and 3.96 times the fi gures for 2010, respectively [China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), 2001, 2011]. The general Chinese economic boom of the late 1990s and the fi rst ten years of this century and the continuing improvement in Chinese citizens’ income are the ultimate driving forces for the mushrooming development of economy hotels in China, meeting the accommodation demand for both mass business and leisure travel.