chapter  11
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The future of economy hotels in China

In a short period of time, the economy hotel sector has emerged and grown to be a signifi cant tertiary service sector in China. The pace of growth in the sector has been astounding. As mentioned in Chapter 4 , it is likely that the economy hotel sector will overtake the star-rated hotel sector in China in terms of its industry scale and market share. As a relatively new modern service sector, only existing for less than 20 years, China’s economy hotel industry brings up innovative business practices and management and marketing models that have not been seen in the country’s star-rated hotels and economy hotels in other countries. Understanding these innovative business practices requires a holistic view that looks beyond the economic arena in China to include its social and cultural transitions. Somehow, the economy hotel sector’s development refl ects the transition of Chinese people’s lifestyles. It serves as a unique window for us to probe for a deeper understanding of the rapid changes in China, in its economy and economic structures, and in the transformational nature of Chinese society and culture as well.