chapter  3
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Nature- based

In the previous chapter it was argued that nature-based was one of four core criteria used to defi ne ecotourism. However, even though ecotourists gravitate to natural environments, this criterion alone is not enough to differentiate ecotourists from other nature-based tourists who use the same environments. This chapter focuses more specifi cally on the naturebased dimension, with comparisons and contrasts made between ecotourism and other nature-based tourism (NBT) types like hunting and fi shing, before examining related forms of tourism like wildlife tourism, adventure tourism, cultural tourism and adventure, culture and ecotourism (ACE) tourism – especially in relation to the consumptiveness of these types of tourism. The chapter also looks at the prospects for a mass ecotourism market, and the associated issues tied to more people in nature, and how these places have been hardened to accommodate such use.