chapter  2
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Orient ation: Slavery Meets the Famine

In the middle of a crossroads lie two objects: a skull and a whip. After a few minutes, the faint sounds of footsteps are heard. As the footsteps become more pronounced, two women appear from opposite directions. The first woman, an African not local to this region, looks up in an attempt to figure out where she is. The second woman, who is also lost but thinks she is traveling towards her family, looks down to the objects on the road, bewildered and shaken by what she sees. The first woman finally turns her gaze to the second, and then follows her eyes to the ground. Seeing the whip, she screams, realizing that she is not as far from home as she expected. The second woman reaches out her arms and holds the first woman very close to her. As she does so, both women begin to feel more solid, more grounded, less attached to the objects that have arrested their attention and stopped their minds. Keeping their arms around each other, they step around the objects and continue their journey together. Without a clear sense of their direction, they commit themselves to finding others to whom they can reach out their hands in kinship and carry with them. They keep moving as a way to ensure that others will not have to endure the inhumanity that led them down this path (exit).