chapter  3
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Expanding language policy

In Mr. Palomar’s life there was a period when his rule was this: first, to construct in his mind a model, the most perfect, logical, geometrical model possible; second, to see if the model was suited to the practical situations observed in experience; third, to make the corrections necessary for model and reality to coincide. This procedure, developed by physicists and astronomers, who investigate the structure of matter and of the universe, seemed to Mr. Palomar the only way to tackle the most entangled human problems, such as those involving society and the art of government. He had to bear in mind the shapeless and senseless reality of human society, with all its monstrosities and disasters, and, at the same time, a model of the perfect social organism, designed with neatly drawn lines, straight or circular or elliptical, parallelograms of forms, diagrams with abscissas and ordinates.