chapter  3
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Nuremberg’s Shadow

In moral terms, light-years separate the Nazi concentration camp experiments from America’s medical-military research during World War II. Unlike Hitler’s Germany, in the United States death was not an acceptable endpoint of an experiment, and no ethnic or political groups were subjected to wholesale butchery in the course of which some of them might be used in cruel

Unfortunately, the forty-eight volumes of the trial record are only available on microfiche at the National Archives and the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. In the spring of 1997 I spent nearly two weeks at the museum reading the trial transcripts. Time and again I had to sit back in my chair, amazed at what I had just read. It wasn’t the grim details of the Nazi experiments or their inhumanity that surprised me; shocking and disgusting as they are, I expected them. What surprised me was the effectiveness of the Nazis’ defense team in their attempt to turn the proceedings into a trial of the Allies’ wartime medical research, as well as that of the Third Reich.