chapter  6
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The celebrification of heroic leadership

Imagine yourself stomping into Jack Welch’s office and demanding his secrets for dynamic leadership: or, marching into Andy Grove’s office for a discourse on management theory; or, slipping into Carl Icahn’s office and soliciting his ideas on finance.Why stomp, march and slip? Because it is unlikely we will be invited. Of course, if we were to invite ourselves in to their office, we would undoubtedly be escorted out by two burly security guards and the FBI would be running a background check on us within the hour. But just imagine having the opportunity to sit down not only with today’s captains of industry, but yesterday’s icons as well. What advice would Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and J. Paul Getty give us on leadership, management, finance, and other components essential to achieving success? The Book of Business Wisdom provides this enchanting opportunity.