chapter  9
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Critical Race Theory and racialisation: A case study of contemporary racist Britain

This chapter begins with a Marxist critique of two central tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT). I then go on to formulate my own preferred definition of the concept of racism, a wide definition, which I attempt to defend against those who argue for a narrower one. I then go on to look at contemporary racist Britain. Concentrating on British imperialism and its legacy, I utilise the the Marxist concept of racialisation, discussed in Chapter 8, to try to understand continuing anti-black racism and Islamophobia, along with newer xenoracism. Islamophobia, it is clear, has intensified dramatically in the aftermath of the London bombings of 7 July 2005 (7/7), while xenorcacism has increased considerably, with the enlargement of the European Union. Racialisation, it is argued has more purchase in explaining manifestations of racism in Britain today than CRT. In the final part of the chapter, I consider the implications for education.