chapter  6
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To Communicate

Louisa and I were going to the Charleston Museum one afternoon. The museum was about five blocks away. It was a big, roomy old museum that featured, surprisingly; a lot of Egyptian artifacts and a live reptile room. Louisa and I were halfway to the museum when we realized Bubba was following. "Leave us alone," Louisa turned to say. ''I'm not bothering you. Am I bothering you?" Bubba lifted his hands innocently to show he was blameless. As far as I was concerned, the museum trip, which I had looked forward to--1 especially loved the mummy and the reptile rooms-was ruined. At the end of the block we turned again. Bubba was still there. (p.l9)


When lava escapes from a volcano it loses its heat quickly and solidifies. There isn't much time for any crystals to grow in the cooling lava flow. You can recognize lavas because they often look glassy with few, if any, obvious crystals. The crystals are there but they are very small. Sometimes the lava will have lots of holes in it where gases bubbled out of the molten rock. One of the most common lavas cools to form the rock basalt, which is often black. You may need to use a hand lens to find any crystals in basalt. (p.l6)


A "Just Say No" poster is an example of persuasive writing. A recent one I saw showed kids embracing each other with big smiles on their faces. The caption read, "Don't do drugs. Do hugs!" Children can analyze the reasons-to-write triangle for a "Just Say No" poster as in Fig. 6.7. Because this triangle revolves around opposing drugs, we can see that the main reason the writer made the poster was to try to change attitudes of people.