chapter  10
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For the Love of Writing

Jamie clipped Chloe to the sleeve of her t-shirt and stomped next door through the freshly cut grass. She knocked on the screen and waited. "Hi, Jamie," said Katy's mom. "Katy's had the flu for a week, so she can't play." "Oh," said Jamie. "Maybe tomorrow," said Katy's mom. Jamie nodded and headed home. "Katy's been sick, Chloe," she said. ''I'm sorry I thought she took your things." Jamie pushed her bangs out of her eyes and frowned. "Maybe it's Socks. That eat's always hiding stuff behind the curtains." Chloe smiled up at the sky from Jamie's sleeve. "If Socks did it, I won't give him a treat for a week!" Jamie walked in the house and let the door slam shut.