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Editing Self-diagnosis

In his book, The Roots of the Self, it is explained by Robert Ornstein ( 1993) how we each became who we are and he offers scenarios that help readers see themselves objectively. First he says there are basic building blocks of the personality, these are genetic and permanent in character. Ways of perceiving and interacting with the world that occurs on a continuum. These dimensions of temperament can be divided into three large categories; high-low amplification, deliberation-liberation, positive approach-negative withdrawal. Amplification has to do with how much outside stimulation a person likes. People with high internal amplification were often introverts disliking outside stimulation, people with low intemal amplification enjoyed outside stimulation. Deliberation-liberation breeds organizational habits. With deliberate folks being highly organized and liberated folks being highly disorganized. According to this author approach-withdrawal describes spontaneous responses-positive or negative.