chapter  23
Richard Flores Magon
Pages 10

The education which Flores Magon received in his youth was to strongly mark his writings and political tactics. Apart from what he learned in his Zapotec indio-mestizo home, first in Oaxaca then in Mexico City, Flores Magon received a college-preparatory and positivist education that stressed rational analysis, evidence, and objectivity. This educational

framework upheld the primacy of the material world which, according to positivism, followed "laws." Accordingly, the world was evolving, all spheres of life interacted, progress was possible. Life, as struggle, was an integral premise in this worldview. Society had the potential for improvement through effort and education. Utilitarian tenets upheld the greatest good for the greatest number, and the idealist content urged the efficacy of personal volition, and the ideal of individual liberty.