chapter  2
Slave and pariah
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Flora Tristan married André-François Chazal on 3 February 1821, two months before her 18th birthday. The ceremony took place at the town hall of the eleventh arrondissement in Paris, and there was no religious service. Tristan’s husband was a 24-year-old engraver, younger son in a family of artists. His mother had published prints in the Quartier Saint-Jacques during the Empire, and his brother, Antoine, was an accomplished painter of flowers and animals who exhibited at the Salon, and taught drawing at the Jardin des Plantes.1 If the Chazals had some reservations about André’s choice of partner, as he later claimed they did, Madame Tristan seems to have been strongly in favour of the match.2 However, the marriage was a disaster and four years later, pregnant with her third child, Flora Tristan left the marital home never to return.3