chapter  1
Pages 15

THE STRUCTURE OF THE BOOK ere is no shortage of writing on the ethics of teaching, research ethics, and the ethics of organisational management. is book does not aim to contribute to these speci c literatures as such. Indeed, my starting point is that in order to grasp what is morally purposeful about academic practice, we have to see it as all of a piece and understand how the various activities that comprise it hang together. e book argues that the relation between teaching, research and scholarship, and collegiality

is not merely contingent, but necessary, since these activities comprise a moral unity based on their shared goods. A consequence of the position I have adopted is that the discussion contained in the following pages is necessarily wide ranging and inclusive. I am well aware of the attendant risks — readers with a speci c interest in one or other of the core activities comprising academic practice may well feel short changed. I trust that the underlying argument regarding the integrity of academic practice provides adequate compensation.