chapter  9
Reconstructing Stories within a Group Setting
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Facilitation of dialogue and exploration ofmultiple perspectives is the focus of the group-storytelling process presented in this chapter. This process aims to provide support for all group members and, in particular, the teller.The learning context that results supports the whole group to contribute to collective insights and to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of professional practice.

A SOCIO-CULTURAL FRAMEWORK FOR STORYTELLING One significant aspect of socio-cultural theory is that it acknowledges the importance and impact of setting on learning and development. This

context for learning, known as the activity setting within Vygotskian theory, defines where higher mental functioning occurs. In particular, the setting determines the degree to which students feel free and motivated to explore and discover (Brown and Reeve, 1985). Tharp and Gallimore (1988) have identified five aspects of the activity setting: who, when, where, what and why.