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Galaxy Conference of Adult Education Organizations Conference held in Washington, DC in 1969, when twenty adult education organizations held their annual conferences simultaneously. They planned a joint declaration that led to the formation of the Coalition of Adult Education Organizations in 1973. gaming An educational method in which the students participate in games in order to explore issues of social concern, personal growth, and development. Gaming is one method of motivating reluctant participants in the learning process. Gandhi Shikshan Bhavan An educational institute established in the centenary year of Gandhi (1969) by a body of educationalists concerned with the study of basic education. It is now an affiliated college of the University of Mumbai (Bombay). Gandhigram Rural Institute A rural institute in India devoted to the holistic service of a community: hospital, orphanage, basic school, village planning committee, youth clubs, teaching and research, and adult and continuing education. Ganga Established in 1969, a Nigerian adult education magazine for the Moslem areas of the country. gatekeeper One whose approval is needed in order to be accepted. gateway club Club for mentally handicapped young people providing leisure, recreation, and continuing education for young people with special needs. gateway course An introductory course to a subject. See bridging course. Gaussian curve Normal curve of distribution. GED tests See General Education Development Tests. gender The cultural and social construction of sexual differences. gene The carrier of hereditary characteristics in the chromosome. general ability It was postulated by Spearman that intelligence could be divided into a general, or overall, ability and a special ability, and that both could be measured. General Act of Adult Education Passed in the Netherlands in 1985, aimed at producing a coherent national and local support system for adult education throughout the country. Its implementation was delayed.