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Health and Safety at Work (1974) Legislation in the United Kingdom to ensure that the workplace is healthy and safe which has resulted in considerable work place education. There is similar legislation in the United States. health education Any series of planned teaching and learning episodes aimed at increasing people’s awareness of health and well-being. health sciences The study of a variety of different disciplines related to people’s mental, physical, emotional, and social health. health visitor A trained nurse whose role in the community is preventative, rather than specifically orientated to nursing, so that the health visitor has an educative function. hedonism A philosophical theory claiming that pleasure is the sole good. hegemony The exercise of covert power in a non-formal manner, eg without the threat of physical force, so that the ideas of the dominant group are assumed to be correct and become taken-for-granted. hemgard Swedish discussion centre. hermeneutics Originally this involved the study of biblical texts, seeking to understand the meaning that the writers of the words gave to the text, rather than meaning imputed into the text by later interpreters. Hermeneutics has now taken a more secular meaning, still seeking to understand the meaning that the writers gave to their writings. In general, the meaning and interpretations and the relationship between author, text and reader. heteronomy The act of depending on the authority of another-the opposite of autonomous. heuristic methods 1. Guiding, helping others to learn by stimulating interest. 2. Encouraging learners to learn things for themselves. hidden curriculum Those aspects of the curriculum that are hidden either to the learners or the teachers, which influence the learners in certain ways. hierarchy of needs Formulated by Abraham Maslow, it claims that human needs start with the basic physical ones and move up a hierarchy of five levels to self-actualization. See also need. high school Senior school for children in the United States. high school diploma The award for satisfactory completion of high school. high school equivalency diploma The award signifying satisfactory completion of the high school equivalency examinations. See General Educational Development Tests. higher degree Any category of degree above bachelors level. higher doctorate Categories of doctorate beyond PhD, eg DSc. higher education Education beyond compulsory schooling, eg university education. higher preparatory examination Introduced in 1968 in Denmark, it is the adult equivalent to the Danish upper secondary school examinations. Highlander A folk high school in Tennessee, founded by Myles Horton. Famous for its having espoused radical Christian principles but regarded as too left-wing by many politicians in that state in its earliest years who closed it. Horton

immediately re-opened it on a different site with a different mission statement. It is best known for its work with civil rights and workers. Highway The magazine of the Workers’ Educational Association for many years. Hillcroft College Founded in 1920, this is the only residential college for women in the United Kingdom. Located in Surbiton. Hinukh Mevugarim Be-Yisrael Adult Education in Israel-the magazine was founded in 1972 and is published twice a year. Histadrut Na’amnat This is a movement for working women in Israel, devoted to providing every woman in the country with continuing education. histogram Similar to a graph, but in which frequency data are presented in the form of a series of rectangles touching each other. Often incorrectly called a bar chart. Historical Foundations of Adult Education: A Bulletin of Research and Information Started in 1985-6 by the National College of Education in the United States. History of the Origin and Progress of Adult Schools Written by Thomas Pole and published in 1816; the earliest known book in English about adult education. Holbrook, Josiah (1788-1854) The founder of the US lyceum movement in nineteenth century adult education, originally called Society for Mutual Education. Holiday Fellowship A UK study organization in the liberal adult education tradition. holism A learning style in which the learner seeks to complete the task and fit the learning in a global context; opposite of the serialist style. Gestalt psychology is based on a holistic principle. See also holistic education. holistic education An approach to teaching and learning focusing upon the whole situation and seeking to respond to the needs of both in order to develop the whole person. holistic learning See holism. home demonstration agent An extension agent in the co-operative extension movement in the United States whose main responsibilities lie in organizing education in the areas of home making. home economics A body of subject matter and the study of subjects related to the home and family. Subject commonly studied through the Co-operative Extension Service in the United States, although it is also studied widely in other countries. home economics schools Residential schools in Denmark for those over the age of 16 years, studying subjects specializing in home economics. home groups The adult school movement introduced the idea of organizing adult schools in the home in 1954, following the ideas of the early church. See also house group. home study education Education designed for students to undertake at home and away from the educational institution. See distance education.