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Jago aur Jago Hindi adult education monthly magazine published by the Indian Adult Education Association since 1982. job analysis Identification of component tasks of a job, often undertaken in order to plan a training programme. job club Established in Canada and later introduced into the United Kingdom. The job club is both a formal and an informal opportunity for unemployed people to meet, to learn about each other’s experiences, and to receive some education relevant to their needs. job club counsellor A counsellor employed in a job club to offer support and guidance to the unemployed who come within the ambit of the job club. Job Corps Administered in the United States by the Department of Labor. It offers residential education and training programmes to disadvantaged young people, and has over 100 residential establishments nation-wide. job description A statement of the main components of an occupational plan. job development Identification and creation of employment opportunities within the work environment for persons participating in staff development programmes. job enrichment The process of adding variation to a job to make it more satisfying. job entry level of employment The occupational level at which a person is equipped to be employed as a result of training. job evaluation The process of deciding upon the significance of an occupation within an organizational context. Job Opportunities for the Business Sector (JOBS) An American plan to finance the training of the long-term unemployed. It was introduced in 1968, by the National Alliance of Businessmen. job placement An internship undertaken simultaneously with professional preparation. job readiness The possession of the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to enter employment. job satisfaction The satisfaction gained from undertaking a certain occupation. There are two types of job satisfaction: that which is intrinsic to the actual work process, and that which is extrinsic to it, such as financial reward or personal status.