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MA Master of Arts degree. machine learning The emulation of human knowledge-acquisition processes by digital computer systems. The significance of machines being able to learn from and control their environment has been a significant feature in engineering for many years. These systems have recently begun to appear in adult education studies. They are also significant in forms of education and training. MAdEd Master of Adult Education degree. magnetic board A board covered with magnetic material, which can be used for visual display using display objects which are backed with a magnet so that they stick to the board. mainstreaming 1. The process whereby non-award, or non-credit, bearing educational courses are incorporated into the normal award-bearing programme. This has recently occurred with extra-mural courses in the United Kingdom. 2. In the United States, this term also refers to the process of incorporating all ‘nonnormal’ students into the normal educational programmes. maintenance learning Learning that is designed to maintain the system and the established way of life. Maison de la Culture French community centre, in which a great deal of adult education is conducted. major The main subject studied by a student in a US university. major adviser The academic member of staff responsible for advising students on their major course of study in a US university. major award A high-value financial scholarship. major premise A term used in logic having greater generality or scope than the minor premise. make-up class US term for students wishing to catch up on their academic programme, or a replacement class because of a prior cancellation. management committee The governing body of an institution. management development A strategy to promote the effectiveness of management through learning events. management education Instruction in the principles of management. management game Gaming is a teaching technique used in education, including management education.